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Fundamental training in children's emotional development

The Solihull Approach has been delivering evidence-based training to professionals working with children and families since its conception in 1996. Emerging from health visitor support, the Solihull Approach model is now applied across disciplines and professions as a way of supporting practitioners to understand children’s development, the power of relationships, and how to effectively support family connections to help children to thrive.

The Solihull Approach theoretical model is grounded in practice and facilitates an understanding of emotional health and wellbeing as well as mental health. It can be applied to working with families, with individuals, with groups, with a community, or with a large population from a public health perspective. The three concepts of containment, reciprocity, and behaviour management facilitate the understanding of relationships and how to apply this in different contexts.

” The Solihull Approach is backed by research evidence in early brain development and the significance of early relationships and experience. The emphasis on close, connected, attuned relationships underpins all our training and resources.

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Combined Foundation and Group Facilitators' training

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Advanced Solihull Approach Training

Advanced Solihull Approach training is available as online CPD to cover the following specialist knowledge areas:

Support to Cascade

We have webinars to support you to cascade Solihull Approach training.

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Pathway to Training

This pathway illustrates the training required to deliver the various parenting groups or cascade training to other practitioners.