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Multi-User Licences

for parent support

Multi-User Licences (MUL) are a fantastic way of offering our online courses for parents, carers and grandparents on across your population.

inourplace, brought to you by the Solihull Approach, is home to a range of resources and online courses available to families to help understand brain development, emotional health and how to nurture wellbeing. From antenatal and postnatal to teenage and adult mental health, the courses support a parent journey with resources and signposts tailored to developmental ages from 0-19+ years.

Funding a licence gives you a unique access code for you to pass on the offer to your families. The aim, apart from improving the life chances of children and parents, is to destigmatise accessing information about parenting through a universal offer. The impact of our online courses and MUL support is regularly assessed through a range of research projects.

inourplace courses are designed to be followed at a self-guided pace, in private and easily accessible online. Multiple professional language translations are available in addition to an embedded google translate widget.

The MUL for the online courses for parents, carers and grandparents is supported by:

MUL for professionals CPD

The MUL for online courses for professionals enables easy access to specialist knowledge areas such as trauma, attachment and brain development.

The professional licence ensures:

To understand what this might look like for your area, please contact us at or phone +44 (0)121 296 4448