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Across the UK and internationally, the Solihull Approach supports mental health and wellbeing in parents, children, schools, older adults and high stress workplaces through an evidence based model in trainings, online courses and resources.

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Resource Packs

Resource Packs

Resource Packs are designed as a distance learning resource, with case studies and reflective questions to support moving theory to practice.

Facilitators Manuals

Facilitators' Manuals

These Manuals will enable you to facilitate a Solihull Approach group for parents or foster carers.

Trainers Manuals

Trainers' Manuals

These Manuals will enable you to deliver the 2 Day Foundation Training to train practitioners in the Solihull Approach model.

Online courses for professionals

Online courses for professionals

The courses are written by CAMHS professionals with other health and education workers. They are evidence based and accredited by the DfE.

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Face to Face Groups

RCT on 'Understanding your child's behaviour'. Face to face groups showed highly statistically significant results on the positive impact on closeness in the parent-child relationship and parental stress.

Whole School Training

Six months after the Solihull Approach Whole School training, teachers in 'School A' showed a statistically significant increase in satisfaction with their helping role, self-esteem, and teacher efficacy scores, as well as a decrease in feeling burnt out/stressed.

Online Antenatal Course

Participants in the online antenatal course showed a reduction in anxiety towards pregnancy and birth (p=<.0001), felt closer to the baby (p=<.0001), and showed increased intention to breastfeed (p=<.001) after completing the online course.

One to One Work

A significant decrease in distress and parental perception of child difficulty and a reduction in overall stress levels.

Foster Carers

After the group, there were significant increases in foster carers’ ratings of their understanding of their children’s difficulties; their understanding of why foster children behaved the way they did; their feeling of having the required skills to manage difficulties; alongside significant decreases in their ratings of foster children’s hyperactivity and attentional behaviour difficulties.

Peer Breastfeeding

Peer Breastfeeding Supporter Training: several benefits were highlighted when incorporating the Solihull Approach into peer professionals’ practice, including increased confidence levels and improved team communication, as well as positive outcomes for their personal lives.

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