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Parental Conflict

The Solihull Approach to reducing parental conflict

As evidence increases to show how frequent, poorly resolved inter-parental conflict can impact children’s mental health and long-term chances, support for parents must be easily accessible and non-stigmatised.

Some level of arguing and conflict between parents is often a normal part of everyday life. Indeed, resolving disagreements is an important life lesson children often learn from parents and other significant relationships.

The Solihull Approach is about understanding relationships, a central theme to all our training, courses, and resources. Supporting parents and carers from as early as pregnancy and throughout their developing journey as parents, we help people to read behaviour as communication, to understand their own feelings and wellbeing, reflect on how they express these feelings, and to learn about rupture and repair. Furthermore, the Solihull Approach is grounded in psychoanalytic theory and evidence and, therefore, teaches about the impact of ongoing intense and poorly resolved relational stress on the developing brain, supporting self-reflection through a range of learning techniques to develop conflict resolution skills.

Supporting parents

Universal parent support and education

Training and resources for practitioners

Training practitioners working with families for over 25 years, the Solihull Approach transcends professional disciplines to introduce an understanding of brain development and the importance of relationships.

2-Day Foundation Training – for everyone who works with families 

Workshop delivery training – to run face-to-face or online programmes for parents – parent portal for a range of online courses that can be used within 1:1 Early Help parent support work 

Parent access is home to a range of resources available for all parents to help understand brain development and emotional health and wellbeing throughout their parenting journey.

Courses include:

Tailored parental conflict resources

Understanding your relationships: online course

Designed to be accessible to all parents and adults to support an understanding of the mechanisms underpinning relationships, this course includes modules on a range of issues relating to inter-parental conflict resolution.

Understanding your relationships focuses on:

Additional supportive guidance and resources are signposted throughout to support those who may identify the need for more personalised or specialist support. 

The online course is delivered through 11 modules broken down into manageable units and is designed to support a range of learning styles. Like all the courses on inourplace, it is completely private, followed at the learner’s own pace. It can also be used as a scaffold for 1:1 Early Help work with a practitioner or coordinated as a hybrid group that enables a small group to study privately and come together to discuss in a supportive environment. 

  1. Our feelings 
  2. Understanding how the other person is feeling 
  3. Reading behaviours 
  4. Responding 
  5. Communicating feelings 
  6. The rhythm of interaction 
  7. Self-regulation and anger 
  8. Coping with anger 
  9. What we learned from our parents 
  10. Rupture and repair 
  11. Looking forwards

Measuring impact and outcomes

Understanding your relationships online course features embedded measures, available to sponsors of Multi-User Licences, to support impact monitoring as follows: