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Making a difference in communities

The Solihull Approach’s comprehensive, evidenced-based offer for UK family hubs enhances emotional wellbeing for children and young people’s mental health, as well as improving staff satisfaction. 

Digital offer for parents and families

The Solihull Approach universal online learning platform for parents and families,, offers a range of courses to support the parenting journey and tailored to children’s developmental stages. From antenatal and postnatal courses to understanding your growing child and adolescence, courses are for all parents, carers, and grandparents to learn in their own time, in a safe and private space.

We are here for all children and all parents, supporting the important phases and transitions in life. We encourage reflective thinking rather than directing or telling you what to dowith frameworks, tools and tips that people and parents who work with us tell us are transformative.

Supporting emotional health and wellbeing from 0-19+

15+ online courses

The evidence-based online courses have been created by clinical psychologists in partnership with health professionals and parents to explain key principles around child brain development in simple terms with supportive guidance to support nurturing relationships. Parents can follow the courses online in private or at a family hubs venue with the support of a practitioner. 

Many of our courses include audio voiceover recordings and have professional language translations including Urdu and Modern Standard Arabic. They are all available in 108 languages using the Google translate widget. 

We are proud to work with many family hubs and local authorities around the UK to sponsor access for their local families with our multi-user licence.

The multi-user licence funds access for a community to unlock free learning to the full suite of courses. Without this funding, learners can follow courses at a small cost per course of between £0-£39). Sponsors gain access to a comprehensive reporting suite on anonymised data to understand learner engagement in their area as well as an engagement and communications support package.

Face-to-face courses for parents

Solihull Approach face-to-face classes for antenatal, postnatal and Understanding your child (0-19 years) groups deliver proven benefits to families, improving behaviours, relationships and parental confidence and also have a positive impact on parental mental wellbeing as evidenced in a series of research studies. 

Group facilitator training supports staff to deliver these classes locally with dedicated resource packs, handouts and ongoing access to support from the Solihull Approach network.

Train to deliver face-to-face courses for parents

Antenatal and Perinatal

Training for staff

The Solihull Approach have a range of trainings and resources that can support your work in the family hubs and Start for Life programme through informed learning in childhood development and emotional health. Training is all underpinned by the Solihull Approach evidence-based model. 

Our 2 Day Foundation training can benefit all staff connected to family hubs and/or working with families and gives a shared knowledge and understanding of children’s emotional health and parental relationships. It also equips staff with a way of working with families to support their relationships, to get the most out of engagements by providing effective containment and builds confidence and staff satisfaction. 

Training can be delivered for groups of staff in a ‘closed’ bespoke arrangement for family hubs or individuals can attend open training sessions offered at regular intervals throughout the year.

Staff training

Practitioner training