We have a comprehensive, evidenced based offer for schools to enhance emotional wellbeing, improve home-school relationships, improve attendance, and improve behaviour.

  1. Training for staff
  2. Online courses for staff
  3. Classroom course for pupils
  4. Online courses for parents 
  5. Parenting groups
  6. Workshop for parents of young schoolchildren
  7. Workshop for parents of adolescents
  8. Online course for pupils

We have a Schools Multi User Licence for FIVE online courses.

Note: They are suitable for every parent, carer, grandparent, and staff member in the school.

3a. Understanding your child

(main course 0-19+ years)

3b. Understanding your child with additional needs

(main course 0-19+ years)

4. Understanding your teenager's brain

(short course)

5. Understanding your brain

(for teenagers only!)

7. Understanding your child's mental health and wellbeing

(accompanies 3a and/or 3b)

School MUL £400 for a 12 month, unlimited user licence!


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More info:

Whole School Training

For everyone from the school receptionists to teachers, support staff and governors – 1 inset day plus twilight session (write up nearing completion of very significant results from research) £994 (1day + twilight session) plus trainers travel and accommodation, and School Years resource packs (@£76 each). Handouts and additional info booklet @£5.

2 Day Foundation Training

Some schools have found it more helpful to train staff with a pastoral role on the 2 Day Foundation training and then follow-up for all staff with a Whole School training.

Understanding your child's behaviour

10 session face to face group for parents across child age range (also customised for parents of children with disabilities, parents of children with ASD, adoptive parents – with free addendums). First in the UK to be awarded the only Quality Mark for courses for parents. 1 days training plus Group Facilitators manual = £189 per facilitator (assuming Whole School Training has been completed) OR 3 days training plus Foundation manual and Group Facilitators manual = £454 per facilitator.

Early Years Foundation Training

For schools with nursery staff – £1326 for a group of 12 plus trainers travel and accommodation, and First Five Years resource packs (@£77 each). We try to use trainers near to you to keep costs to a minimum.

2 hour workshops for parents of young children

Can be used especially as part of the transition into school, e.g. Shropshire, and an effective way of engaging parents to attend parenting groups £48 (manual to deliver within school).

2 hour workshops for parents of adolescents

Can be used as part of the transition into secondary school and an effective way of engaging parents to attend parenting groups £49 (manual to deliver within school)

School Course for Young People on parenthood

9 lessons of 45 minutes. £59 for manual to deliver in school.

Online courses for staff

Understanding trauma, Understanding attachment, Understanding brain development. Your school may be in an area who has purchased a Multi User Licence for all professionals. Contact us to find out.


A Father Enlightened!

Since doing the course I don’t feel like I’ve ever kind of hit the panic button as I use to … I just didn’t know what was going on. I feel I’m very much in tune with him now, and I really enjoy that … I feel I’m more sensitive. I know now he likes to be close and touchy. And it’s just brilliant. I can pick up on that now.

Parent I Understand Better

I am more patient with my daughter, I can diffuse potentially difficult situations more easily, and listen more.

Parent All has changed!

My daughter is a lot better at talking to me and we have a better relationship – everything has changed

Parent Much happier!

I have a much calmer, tender approach to parenting. I feel much, much happier and am enjoying parenthood more than I thought possible.

A Mother No 1 single way to parenting

I have learned that there’s not just one way of parenting, there isn’t a right way, as long as it’s good enough. It really has taught me and given me the confidence to be able to become a better mum

Parent This group is the best thing!

This group is the best thing that has happened to me and I would gladly come back to learn more

Parent Life Changing!

I think this course is brilliant, I want to use the word life-changing as so much has changed in such a short time.

Parent 'Eureka' moments!

This course has been an absolutely invaluable gift to me. It has and will change so many aspects of my life. I am undoubtedly a better parent and more rounded and fulfilled person as a result. Some aspects have literally been like ‘Eureka’ moments to me! I WISH I’d known all this years ago, but I am glad to have learnt it now at a crucial stage in my young children’s lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Parent Supportive Atmosphere!

A gentle but hugely influential course that has helped me in all aspects of communication, home work, and marriage. Very supportive atmosphere, many thanks.

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