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The Solihull Approach’s comprehensive, evidenced-based offer for schools enhances emotional wellbeing for children and young people’s mental health, as well as improving staff satisfaction.

Our Whole School Approach is designed to embed a deeper understanding of childhood development and emotional health. The training and resources are designed to engage school communities and improve parental engagement, attendance, behaviour, home-school relationships, and post-pandemic recovery. 

Whole School Training

Training all school staff, from teachers and governors to reception and support staff, can transform the whole school community and offer a shared language and approach to all kinds of interactions which shape the experiences of staff, pupils, and their families. Our Whole School Training explains childhood brain development in simple terms, and it helps develop a deeper understanding of mental health, behaviour and emotional wellbeing to support children to thrive.

This training is developed and tailored for your school. It includes resource packs and guidance to help you embed the approach across your activities.

Individual or small group training

2 Day Foundation Training

The Solihull Approach 2-Day Foundation training is our central training offer, available to all professional roles working with children and families. This training offer for individuals introduces the principles of the Solihull Approach, and it is all about supporting emotional health and wellbeing with a focus on relationships. This training is available for individuals to book open sessions or can be delivered for 12 people on a closed, bespoke arrangement. This training is especially relevant for learning mentors and any staff in a pastoral role.

Advanced CPD online training

Advanced training delivered through our online learning portal provides expert knowledge in the areas of understanding trauma, attachment and brain development. These courses can be followed at any time online.

Early Years Foundation Training

Designed for practitioners working with babies and young children in an Early Years setting, the Early Years Foundation Stage Training integrates knowledge of the UK Early Years Foundation Stage with the Solihull Approach model.

Understanding your child

Our established face-to-face course offer for parents on Understanding your child delivers significant improvements for children’s prosocial behaviour. Developing parent’s knowledge and understanding of their children’s development, needs, behaviour and communication in a supportive environment has proven results for families and classroom experiences. An adapted course is also available for parents of children with additional needs. 

Workshops for parents of young children

Short, two-hour workshops for parents can be offered by trained school staff supported by a dedicated workshop manual and resources. These sessions introduce information on early childhood development and what that means for behaviour and parental support and can be particularly beneficial around periods of transition or change.

Workshops for parents of adolescents

Short, two-hour workshops for parents of teenagers or preteens can be offered by trained school staff supported by a dedicated workshop manual and resources. These sessions introduce information on the rapid brain development that occurs in adolescence and what that means for behaviour and parental support. These sessions can be particularly beneficial for parents whose children are preparing to start or who have started secondary school.

Classroom courses for secondary school adolescents

A 9-lesson course designed to support PHSE provides education on adolescent brain development as well as introducing parenting principles, as aligned to the Solihull Approach. The lesson series is designed to encourage young people to think about their own emotional wellbeing, their relationships, and what it means to parent, as well as providing detailed practical information about preparing to welcome a baby. It is designed to be offered by trained school staff supported by a dedicated workshop manual and resources.

Online courses on adolescence for young people

The Solihull Approach online courses portal hosts online learning for teenagers. Understanding your brain and Understanding your feelings for teenagers are designed to help young people understand their rapid emotional development and how this affects their relationships, their feelings and their emotional wellbeing.  

Online courses for parents

A range of more than 15 online courses to support a journey with parenthood from pregnancy to supporting a teenager and understanding your own mental health have been developed by the Solihull Approach in partnership with specialist experts. Available on, much of our offer is available for free thanks to our committed and passionate network of sponsors around the United Kingdom. You can find out if your school is in a free access area using our ‘free access checker’ on the platform.

Should your school community fall outside an already funded area, you may wish to purchase a licence to unlock access for your school and its families. Find out more by contacting


A Father Enlightened!

Since doing the course I don’t feel like I’ve ever kind of hit the panic button as I use to … I just didn’t know what was going on. I feel I’m very much in tune with him now, and I really enjoy that … I feel I’m more sensitive. I know now he likes to be close and touchy. And it’s just brilliant. I can pick up on that now.

A Teacher Changed my views

It's changed my views of behaviour. So sometimes when I see, what I might have considered ADHD, now I'm looking more perhaps, thinking why are they behaving this way, what's the behaviour showing me apart from the surface impression. I don't know, I try to be more understanding perhaps.

Parent All has changed!

My daughter is a lot better at talking to me and we have a better relationship – everything has changed

Parent Much happier!

I have a much calmer, tender approach to parenting. I feel much, much happier and am enjoying parenthood more than I thought possible.

A Mother No 1 single way to parenting

I have learned that there’s not just one way of parenting, there isn’t a right way, as long as it’s good enough. It really has taught me and given me the confidence to be able to become a better mum

Parent This group is the best thing!

This group is the best thing that has happened to me and I would gladly come back to learn more

Parent Life Changing!

I think this course is brilliant, I want to use the word life-changing as so much has changed in such a short time.

Parent 'Eureka' moments!

This course has been an absolutely invaluable gift to me. It has and will change so many aspects of my life. I am undoubtedly a better parent and more rounded and fulfilled person as a result. Some aspects have literally been like ‘Eureka’ moments to me! I WISH I’d known all this years ago, but I am glad to have learnt it now at a crucial stage in my young children’s lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Parent Supportive Atmosphere!

A gentle but hugely influential course that has helped me in all aspects of communication, home work, and marriage. Very supportive atmosphere, many thanks.