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The Solihull Approach is making a difference around the world. From an official training hub in Australia to school programmes in Africa and many more exciting and impactful projects.

What is the Solihull Approach?

Solihull Approach international support

Solihull Approach training includes a cascade model which means that our evidence-based approach and guidance can be shared easily across professional groups and teams. Training is bookable by individuals and easily accessed through live virtual sessions or for teams with bespoke, ‘closed’ options which can be more tailored. Top-up courses enable trained staff to qualify to train others and also ‘train the trainer’.

Solihull Approach for you

Get in touch with our expert team to find out more about how the Solihull Approach can make a difference for your community.

Our international champions

From consultancy and therapy to schools and healthcare, we are proud of our extensive network of passionate ambassadors around the world.

Watch to hear about why the Solihull Approach is making such a difference to our partners in different international contexts:

Solihull Approach Australia

Helen Stevens leads our Solihull Approach Australia training centre supporting a full breadth of training support across disciplines as well as leading further research and resource development.

Melbourne midwifery

Jess Sayon-Grech, midwife, nurse and maternal child health nurse, shares her experience of applying the Solihull Approach to support expectant and new parents in Melbourne.

Nigeria schools

Pauline Riley-Hunte, psychologist with Riley Hunte Psychological Consultancy Services, shares the transformation of a community school that has embraced a whole-school approach to training to make an important difference to the children and their families.

Barbados consultancy

Pauline Riley-Hunte and Bazil Hunte highlight how the Solihull Approach transcends their consultancy work and the impact the extensive training is having for their community in Barbados.

Sweden psychology

Mona Bryggman and Elisabeth Berger, psychologists in Sweden, share with us what motivates them and the positive response they have had from those who have been locally trained in the Solihull Approach.