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Online Courses for


• Our online courses cover from conception up to 19 years

• The same content as a face to face group

• Available in 108 languages*, with voiceovers in English and Urdu

• Take anytime. Any place.

* using Google Translate widget

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1. Understanding your pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby

• 9 Modules

• Version for women couples

• Versions in Welsh and Urdu


2. Understanding your baby

• 11 Modules

• Version in Welsh


0-19 years

3a. Understanding your child

• 11 Modules

• Versions in Bulgarian, Modern Standard Arabic, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Somali, Urdu, Welsh

Additional needs

3b. Understanding your child with additional needs

• 14 Modules

• Level 1 and Level 2

Teenager's brain

4. Understanding your teenager’s brain

• 9 Modules

• Version in Welsh

Teenagers only!

5. Understanding your brain (for teenagers only!)

• 9 Modules


6. Understanding your child’s feelings (a taster course)

• 7 Modules

Mental health

7. Understanding your child’s mental health and wellbeing (accompanies 3a and/or 3b)

• Part 1 (to be taken before 3a/3b

• Part 2 (to be taken after 3a/3b

“Over 90% of parents think that a parenting course would be useful. However, destigmatising parenting courses so that parents feel comfortable in accessing them is our mission and providing anytime online courses for ease of access is part of achieving that.

Multi User Licence

A multi-user licence enables an area to ramp up the offer across the population, as it is for an unlimited number of users. It covers the age range seamlessly from antenatal up to 19 years. It can be built into systems. It destigmatises support for parents.


Discounts are available for smaller multiple orders. The discount is 10% for orders of 10-49, 15% for orders between 50-99 and 20% for orders above 100.


Each course rewards a certificate upon completion, which can be found on the dashboard.

Flora Stevenson Primary School (~7 minutes)

Many schools find our courses useful. Here is one school’s response to our ‘Understanding your child’ course.

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