Solihull Approach | Parenting



The role of nurseries and Early years workers is vital in supporting the relationships between children and their families, children and practitioners and children with other children. Within these early relationships, children’s brains will grow and develop, providing the foundation for the person across their lifespan.

2 Day Foundation Training

All practitioners start with our 2 Day Foundation training, to introduce them to the Solihull Approach and how it can be used on a one-to-one basis or in groups. The Solihull Approach introduces a model for understanding the impact of relationships on health and wellbeing and the impact of trauma on health and wellbeing.

First Five Years Resource Pack

The Resource Pack supports moving theory into practice after the training. It describes the Solihull Approach model, brain development  and uses real life case studies to illustrate the use of the model in practice. It has sections on sleeping, feeding, toileting and behaviour management to share with parents. 

Parenting Groups

The Solihull Approach Antenatal group, Postnatal group, Postnatal Plus group and Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour are popular with parents and are backed by research, including an RCT. Given the top rating for value for money by the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF).

Online Courses for professionals

Our online courses (Understanding Trauma, Understanding Brain Development, Understanding Attachment) provide 3.5 hours of CPD. The courses are designed to provide accessible content. They can be done at your own pace and whenever is convenient for you.

Online Courses for parents

These online courses make a difference! Over 90% of tens of thousands of parents would recommend the courses to their friends.