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Solihull Approach


So, you want to train yourself or your workforce in the Solihull Approach. But how do you turn theory into practice? On this page are lots of examples of how others have used it. See ‘Embedding the Solihull Approach‘ for how to do it.

Learning Together Conference

Averil Bassett talks about the experience of Northern Ireland

Cheryl Valentine talks about the experience of North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Alison Pritchard talks about the experience across Scotland

Clea Thompson talks about the experience of Fife, Scotland

Other Articles

A journalist's experience of the Solihull Approach parenting group

You can read about Emily Roger’s experience of being on the ‘Understanding your child’s behaviour’ group in her article in CYPNow. Before she started, she commented that she felt intrigued and curious. She writes with honesty about how it felt to be part of a parenting group and the benefits that came out of it.

Using the Solihull Approach in a Parent and Infant Unit in Australia

Georgina Timmins and Vivian Lee wrote about their experience of using the Solihull Approach to train all staff in a new Parent and Infant Unit in Australia. It provided a shared language and a focus on the relationship between the baby and parents.

Government Policy

The Solihull Approach is included in the UK Department of Health’s Healthy Child Programme, in Northern Ireland’s strategy for training health visitors and midwives, in Scotland’s strategy for training health visitors and child practitioners.

Solihull Approach in Schools

Schools use the Solihull Approach Whole School training for all staff in the school, the Solihull Approach ‘Understanding your child’s behaviour’ group for parents, the 2 hour workshops for parents and the online courses for parents.

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