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FREE Online courses for professionals in Northern Ireland

Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland has partnered with the Solihull Approach to sponsor FREE online courses developed by psychologists and professionals.

These courses for professionals were designed as Solihull Approach Advanced training to introduce more depth following the Solihull Approach 2 Day Foundation training. However, all of them can be undertaken without having completed the Foundation training first.

Each of these three courses provides 3.75 CPD hours.

They also contribute to Solihull Approach Advanced Trained Practitioner status. (Send your 2 Day Foundation training certificate with 3 Advanced Training certificates to to be awarded Advanced Trained Practitioner status).

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From bump to 19+ years | Including adult relationships

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Available courses

Understanding trauma

This course covers:

• types of trauma

• the window of tolerance

• stages of traumatic experiences

• recognising and recovering from trauma

• the SELF model

• community and organisational trauma

• trauma aware communities

Understanding attachment

This course covers:

• attachment theory and developments

• understanding and nurturing the quality of an attachment

• attachment and the Solihull Approach

• epigenetics and attachment

Understanding brain development

This course covers:

• antenatal, early years and adolescent brain development

• the impact of the environment

• the impact of trauma

• mirror neurons

• adolescents and sleep

• risk taking

• drug and alcohol use

• sensitivity to social rejection

• research on Adverse Childhood Experiences


“Thoroughly enjoyed - really interesting and has definitely deepened my knowledge of the area.”

Understanding attachment

“I have completed many online training programmes. This is by far the best worked out online training I have done.”

Understanding trauma

"Fascinating. Simple layout makes it easy to access. Very enjoyable and relevant for my job and my own personal life!!"

Understanding brain development

“It has really deepened my understanding of attachment and of my own family and upbringing. Enlightening!! Thank you.”

Understanding attachment

“I have been blown away by this course. You feel you have covered so much but in an easy to digest way.”

Understanding trauma

"Love this course. It gave me so much to think about and knowledge I can use in my practice."

Understanding brain development

“I absolutely loved this course. It took me ages to get through because I made lots of notes and read the excellent links to further reading. I wanted to take my time to reflect and process the information as it is so fascinating.”

Understanding attachment

“Thoroughly enjoyed, very insightful and provided essential knowledge that will assist me in my post.”

Understanding trauma

This is an excellent course for foster carers. I recommend that we all do this; it goes a long way in explaining why some children and young people behave the way they do. I also like how you link in the other courses on attachment and trauma. It brings all of the pieces together."

Understanding brain development

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