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Find out about how we support emotional health and well-being in the early years and upto adulthood through our trainings and resource packs. Share in a Forum discussion. Hear about the Solihull Approach in use. Sign in to register your group or your data returns or without a sign in, register a group or a data return.

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Find out about how we support emotional health and well-being at a population level or in particular sectors. Read about our research. Hear about large scale implementations of the Solihull Approach. See more about our online courses. Find out about our cascadable trainings.

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Award winning online courses about being a parent. Free downloads. All at Ourplace.

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Find out about our offer for schools:
our whole school training, 2 hour workshop for parents, parenting groups, online courses for parents.

For antenatal teams

Find out about how we support emotional health and well-being antenatally through our antenatal group for parents, our online antenatal course for parents and our Solihull Approach training for practitioners. Practical resource e.g. Stages of Labour Display Chart, now available in the shop.

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Contact us for info about well-being at work.

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The First Five Years

A comprehensive manual for those working with the under 5's. Now available as an e version as well as a paper version.

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Whole school training

For all staff, from the teachers to the governors. Read the latest research on the SA in schools.

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Course for foster carers

Used as a popular core training for foster carers. Provides a foundation course; highly rated by foster carers.  

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Research and development

Parenting group

Bateson, Delaney and Pybus (2006) quantitative research on the effectiveness of the Solihull Approach parenting group.

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Download a list, read a summary of Alan Dolan's 2013 qualitative paper on fathers' experiences, access full articles.

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Parents' experiences

Johnson and Wilson (2012) evaluated 200 parents' experiences of being in a Solihull Approach group.

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What's going on

**New research just published by Lydia Vella, a qualitative study on the 'Understanding your child's behaviour' group for parents. **Phase 1 of the antenatal group research is complete and the next round of data collecting has begun. **A report is out soon on using the online 'Understanding your child' in prisons with fathers. **Solihull Approach Rap released at last! Feat. Hazel Douglas & Mary Rheeston Solihull Approach Rap **Using everyday interactions to build your under 5’s brain power. Vroom, from the Zero to Three team Click Here **'The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study ACE may turn out to be the most important scientific finding of the late 20th century' Sandra Bloom. **New paper in Community Practitioner Journal 'Taking part in Understanding Your Child's Behaviour and positive changes for parents.' v 89, 42-48 Appleton et al. (2016) **Journalist Emily Roger's experience of the UYCB group in CYPNow.**Vivian Lee and Georgina Timmins describe using the Solihull Approach in a Parent and Infant Unit in Australia click here** Solihull Approach online postnatal course now available**Solihull Approach conference Dec 7th 2016**NEW article about the Solihull Approach antenatal parenting group in the International Journal of Birth and Parent Education, 2016, v4, 29-31**Research on schools: Hassett, A. and Appleton, R. (2016) Understanding your pupil’s behaviour: a pilot study from two primary schools in Kent. Research Report.**New research published: Douglas, H. and Bateson, K. (2017) A service evaluation of the Solihull Approach Antenatal Parenting Group: integrating childbirth information with support for the fetal-parent relationship. Evidence Based Midwifery 15 (1) 14-19.**Extra resources now available in the shop for running antenatal groups.** 'Rosie's View of Reciprocity': a teenager's thoughts.**Zara's experience on the bus.**Resource Packs available as an e version.

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Access all our online courses for parents.

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Solihull Approach in use

N Lanarkshire are training firefighters in the Solihull Approach. Islington are running the Postnatal Plus groups. Shropshire are running Solihull Approach Workshops for parents in schools. Wrexham are running the SA Antenatal Group. HMP Oakwood Prison ran the 2 Day Foundation training.

Find out more about how people are using the Solihull Approach at Solihull Approach in use.

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