Data Returns

If you facilitate one of the Solihull Approach groups, it is really important that you tell us what type of Solihull Approach group you ran and how many parents started and finished the group, so that we can build a picture of what groups are running where. This can then contribute to a national overview of resources for parents.

We have tried to make this as painless as possible by creating space for you so that you can register your group, see all of them together, tell parents your group is happening and advertise your group on its own free webpage if you’d like to and print off a poster.

You can access this by creating your own log in. You will then have access to your own My parenting groups, My data returns, My group details submissions and the ability to create a webpage for your group. (When you create your log in there may be a delay of a day or two, as all registrations are checked.)

The webpage is automatically created from the data you input into My parenting groups for that particular group. So, if you run a few Solihull Approach groups, you can have a separate webpage for each group you run. You can now download the ‘How to guide’ on how to create your own ‘My parenting group’ page and download your group poster.  How to Guide

If you complete the My parenting groups form it will then automatically populate the My data returns form to make everything easier for you. If you don’t wish to create a log in, you can still complete the Data returns form and register the parenting group.  Click to submit your data return

Everybody’s parenting group appears in a list on this site like the one below and on Ourplace for parents looking for a group.


For information about your completed Parenting Group: My data returns if you have your own log in, Data returns if you haven’t.
For registering your Parenting Group: if you don’t have a log in, click on parenting groups, to tell parents about your forthcoming Parenting Groups and generate a webpage or, if you have your own log in, my parenting groups This will then also remind you about your data return and will populate the My data returns form.
 View all the different groups you’ve submitted at My parenting groups. You can also use this if you have to submit a report to your workplace.
Contact Us, to ask us a question.