Revised School Years Book (print version)

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This School Years resource pack has been fully revised and updated. There are:

  • updated references
  • updated behaviour management section
  • additional content on the ACE’s research and on the parents’ relationship
  • more emphasis on relationships generally


The print version is available in book format rather than as a loose leaf folder. This is in order to support moving theory into practice, encouraging practitioners to read about the Solihull Approach model and the case histories. This book is also designed as a distance learning resource, for the same reason. All practitioners are encouraged to read and re-read the Resource Pack after their 2 Day Foundation training. This will provide added value to the training, moving theory into practice.

Leaflets for parents can still be photocopied from the book, but as technology has moved on, each print version will include a code to download the leaflets to print (available on request), which will be easier in some clinical and other settings than photocopying.

This Resource Pack is also available in an e version, which includes downloadable leaflets. This is in order to provide a choice of format, as some people prefer reading non fiction on paper and some prefer a screen.

Resource Packs are designed as a distance learning resource, with case studies and reflective questions to support moving theory to practice. They include and build on the information from the 2 Day Foundation Training. The gold standard is for everyone to have their own resource pack, in order to gain the most value from the training, to move learning into practice. This is why the resource packs include more information on the Solihull Approach model and use real case studies to illustrate the use of the model in practice.