Antenatal: Journey to Parenthood resource pack (print version)

Antenatal: Journey to Parenthood resource pack (print version)

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The pack contains up to date information relating to the antenatal and postnatal period, for example, building relationships and exploring issues about parenthood, pregnancy, labour and the birth experience, fathers’ emotional responses to pregnancy and relationship with their baby. Also includes case examples and where appropriate, leaflets written by the Solihull Approach team or references to other leaflets.

Resource Packs are designed as a distance learning resource, with case studies and reflective questions to support moving theory to practice. They include and build on the information from the 2 Day Foundation Training. The gold standard is for everyone to have their own resource pack, in order to gain the most value from the training, to move learning into practice. This is why the resource packs include more information on the Solihull Approach model and use real case studies to illustrate the use of the model in practice.

Antenatal: Journey to Parenthood resource pack. Revised 2017. Available to purchase now at £75