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Our training is offered to teams or to individuals. We offer a wide range of training, described below.

If you are interested in a ‘closed’ training just for your team, we will create a bespoke order form for you, to simplify the ordering process. Please ring us on 0121 296 4448 to discuss your requirements or email us at solihull.approach@uhb.nhs.uk or contact us.

If you would like an individual training place for you then please book your individual training place here.  If you are not sure what is right for you, please contact us or give us a ring on 0121 296 4448. Some training are offered as anytime online courses.

We have grouped the following training by ‘Type’. All our training are designed to be cascadable.

Two Day Foundation Training

>  2 Day Foundation training (Generic)
>  Antenatal 2 Day Foundation training
>  Fostering, Adoption & Social Work 2 Day Foundation training
>  Adult 2 Day Foundation training (‘Keeping Trauma in Mind’)
>  2 Day Foundation Training for Managers

Whole School Training

>  Whole School Training

Early Years Foundation Stage

>  Early Years Foundation Stage Training

Group Facilitators Training

>  Parenting Group Facilitators’ training
>  Antenatal Parenting Group Facilitators’ training
>  Foster Carer Course Facilitators’ training
>  Postnatal Parenting Group Facilitators’ Training
>  Postnatal Plus Parenting Group Facilitators’ Training

Combined Foundation and Group Facilitators Training

>  Antenatal Foundation & Antenatal Parenting Group Facilitators’ 2 Day training
>  Foster Carer Foundation & Foster Carer Course Facilitators’ 2 Day training

Train Others to Facilitate Groups

>  Parenting Train the Trainer
>  Antenatal parenting group Train the Trainer
>  Foster carer course Train the Trainer
>  Postnatal group Train the Trainer
>  Postnatal Plus group Train the Trainer

Train Others to Train Others

>  Parenting and Postnatal Group Facilitators’ Train the Trainer

Cascade Training

>  Train the Trainer (Foundation)
>  Train the Trainer (Antenatal Foundation)
>  Train the Trainer (Fostering, Adoption & Social Work Foundation)
>  Early Years Foundation Stage Train the Trainer
>  Whole School Train the Trainer

Solihull Approach Plus Seminars

>  Brain Development
>  Attachment
>  Refresher Day
>  Understanding Trauma
>  1 Day Advanced Training ‘The Solihull Approach to Management’
>  Solihull Approach Reflective Supervision training


>  Parents of Young Children
>  Parents of Adolescents

Peer Breastfeeding Supporter Training

>  Peer breastfeeding supporter Train the Trainer

Face to Face Parenting Group

>  Face to Face Parenting Groups

Online Course

>  Online Courses

See Also

Training for individuals

We also have live, virtual training open for individuals.

Advanced Solihull Approach Training

If you would like Advanced Solihull Approach training, you can access these online: Understanding trauma, Understanding attachment, Understanding brain development.

If you are working from home and have a teenager at home too, you might be interested in our online courses Understanding your teenager’s brain and Understanding your brain (for teenagers only!).

Support to Cascade

We have webinars to support you to cascade Solihull Approach training.

Ordering Manuals

If you would like to find out about (or order) Manuals and Resource Packs, click on Order.

Pathway to Training

This pathway illustrates the training required to deliver the various parenting groups or cascade training to other practitioners.

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