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FREE Online courses for residents of your town/city

Your council has partnered with the Solihull Approach to sponsor FREE online courses developed by psychologists and professionals.

These courses are designed to help you understand your child’s feelings, as well as focus on your own feelings as you go through life as a family. You will also learn to understand the changes in your child’s development and how to make the most out of each relationship.

We wholeheartedly recommend these courses – they are for everyone, for everyday parenting. They don’t tell you how to parent, that’s up to you. Instead, they give you a framework for understanding what might be going on and space to think about how you want to respond.

For ALL parents, carers, grandparents and teens. We all need a bit of headspace and thinking time occasionally.

From bump to 19+ years. Including adult relationships.

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To continue the courses, Sign In to inourplace and resume your course.

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“I had an appointment with my midwife today, and she has brought me to your wonderful free Antenatal course. As a first-time mum to be, these unprecedented times have been challenging. The NCT online course was far too expensive for my partner and me to access. So I am really so grateful for the resources you have provided. Please thank all involved. What a wonderful thing.your team has done for pregnant women.”

Understanding your pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby

“This course has been an absolutely invaluable gift to me. It has and will change so many aspects of my life. I am undoubtedly a better parent and more rounded and fulfilled person as a result. Some aspects have literally been like ‘Eureka’ moments to me! I WISH I’d known all this years ago.”

Understanding your child

Well presented information, with enough biology/explanation to fully understand the changes that are taking place - also good/helpful suggestions of how to accommodate the teen years - thank you.”

Understanding your teenager’s brain

​"My 15 year old watched the sensory video clips. He identified his brother's behaviour in some of them but very much saw himself. He commented 'Mum that's me and that's why I do what I do!'. Since he asked me for the link for the clips and sent them to his friend, who had been calling him weird so he could understand him better. He also opened up to his friendship group about his autism and can talk to them about what it is like to be him."

Understanding your child with additional needs

"A very easy to understand way of putting things and no longer will I fight against things that I can not change due to biology."​​

Understanding your brain (for teenagers only!)

"[This] is desperately needed and such a quality product for parents who are navigating an often lonely and frightening path with a child with disabilities. So many of our parenting referrals are from parents who are struggling with children who are neurodiverse and we, too, have had some excellent feedback from parents about the course... Thank you all so much"

Understanding your child with additional needs A Senior Public Health Specialist and commissioner for Children and Young People

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