Public Health multi-user license 

Solihull Approach online courses:  antenatal course, postnatal course and parenting course upto 19yrs

After a successful pilot for NHS West Midlands to make Solihull Approach online antenatal and postnatal courses available to the whole population across the West Midlands in 2016/2017, six Boroughs in the West Midlands and one in Scotland became early implementer sites for 2017/2018, with a further 10 in 2018/2019. They purchased a multi-user license for their populations for 12 months for the online antenatal and postnatal courses and also for the online course for parents up to 19 years. Adding in the online course for parents means that there is now an online offer across the age range.

The content of the online courses is the same as the Solihull Approach face-to-face groups

The advantages of access to the online courses are:

  • when a mother or father is attending a group but their partner is unable to attend, their partner can access the same material online
  • it increases accessibility for parents in remote areas
  • it increases accessibility for men, who traditionally tend not to attend groups
  • it provides an alternative for parents who do not want to attend a group
  • it increases accessibility for grandparents or other carers who may not get a place on a group
  • it can to be used to increase population access to evidence based material that has been shown to impact positively on the parent/child relationship with all the advantages that that will bring across the lifespan
  • it can be used as part of an early intervention or prevention strategy

A multi-user license enables an area to:

  • ramp up the offer across the population, as it is for an unlimited number of users
  • cover seamlessly from antenatal up to 19 years
  • build it into systems (e.g. Good Hope Hospital send out a postcard with the scan letter)

We liaise with you about the roll out; sharing learning.

Our experience is that it takes between 3 and 6 months to put a roll out into place, with those with a strong parenting support infrastructure and good relationships between disciplines at an advantage.  The 12 month license begins when you are ready to roll out, so the whole phase can be between 15 and 18 months.

We have published 2 research papers on static online parenting courses and we think this is a very exciting development, with the aim of destigmatising parenting courses as a universal offer and increasing emotional health and well-being and supporting child development across the population as part of a strategy including face to face groups.

We’d be delighted to talk to you about this initiative, including the different levels of reporting we can provide. Contact us on 0121 296 4448 or