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Yes it does, so that everyone around you has access to the same information.

Yes, you can do that now. There are a few steps so it’s best to call the office on 0121 296 4448 and we can walk you through it.

Yes you do.


Yes. Give us a ring on 0121 296 4448 or if you know what you want order a training here.

Most trainings are for 12 people, but Solihull Approach Advanced Trainings can be for any number as can Workshops for Parents. See training details for more information.

Yes, at our trainings in Solihull. See Book on Training for dates. If there is a ‘niche’ training that isn’t featured here, contact us to let us know as we maintain a waiting list and put the training on when we have enough people.

A: The following link will take you to the YouTube video Talking Cure 1999 – Programme 4: Conor James https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFV7Sh_X1WY.


Yes, see our research section. We are currently completing an RCT on the parenting group. We are also featured in the Commissioner’s Toolkit and on NICE as a case study. We are featured in strategy documents of the Governments of Scotland, England and N Ireland.

No. We offer great value for money. Everything is cascadable.

Yes. See Solihull Approach in use for examples. Areas have covered thousands of practitioners. It is also possible to cover thousands of parents.


Yes we do. Please contact us and we can talk about how we might add value.

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