FAQ E-pack

What is Locklizard and why do I need it?
What is a PDC file?
How do I open a PDC file?
Where do I get the e-version file(s) that I have just purchased?
I received a new computer (or my computer has been re-imaged) and now I am getting an error regarding licensing—“no more licences available.”
I tried to register on both my laptop and desktop computers, but receive the error “no more licences available.”
Can I give my licence to somebody else?
Do I have to be connected to the Internet to view an e-pack?
Can I print my e-pack?
Can I copy and paste text from a PDC file?
I get the message “Failed to check licence. Unable to initialise licence store.” when I try to open my licence.
How do I remove the keystore, and why would I want to? For that matter, what is a ‘keystore’?

If you have any issues which are not dealt with here contact the Solihull Approach office on: solihull.approach@heartofengland.nhs.uk