antenatal_billy_standing_facerightMany dads have joined face to face ‘Understanding your child’s behaviour’ courses. Some courses are run especially for dads.antenatal_graham_standing_faceleft

Dads have told us that they valued the experience of having attended the course and they have really enjoyed them. This is confirmed by the published paper on our Research page.

Dads also enjoy the online courses at inourplace. Fathers are included throughout the antenatal course ‘Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby’ and the course for parents ‘Understanding your child’. Because the courses are online, they can be accessed anytime.

Fathers’ involvement in parenting has positive outcomes for children, particularly in psychological and social development.

Since doing the course I don’t feel like I’ve ever kind of hit the panic button as I use to … I just didn’t know what was going on. I feel I’m very much in tune with him now, and I really enjoy that … I feel I’m more sensitive. I know now he likes to be close and touchy. And it’s just brilliant. I can pick up on that now.

A Father