We are about supporting the emotional health and well-being of the population through working with practitioners and parents. You can read about our research. You can hear about large scale implementations of the Solihull Approach ‘In use‘. You can read about our trainings.

We have a range of evidence based cascadable trainings for practitioners who work with children and families; from health visitors, family workers, midwives, community children’s nurses, peer breastfeeding supporters, schools and foster carers to firefighters. The trainings work across agencies, providing a shared language and approach as well as a sustainable method across the workforce with cascadable trainings.

There are four comprehensive resource packs to support the work of practitioners: for those who work antenatally, in the early years, in the school years (all available in a print version or an e version) or in foster care and adoption. They are designed as a distance learning resource, with case studies and reflective questions to support moving theory to practice. They include and build on the information from the 2 Day Foundation Training.

We have cascadable facilitation training to run our range of face to face courses for parents and foster carers: the 5 session antenatal course,  the 6 session postnatal course, the 8 session postnatal Plus course, the 10 session course for all parents of children aged 6 months to 19 years, the 10 session courses for parents of children with disabilities or ASD, the 10 session course for adoptive parents, the 12 session course for foster carers.

If you’d like to read more about what areas around the UK and internationally have applied the Solihull Approach, try our book ‘The Solihull Approach in Practice‘. It’s interesting. Honestly, it really is!

Online courses and Multi User Licences

Our online courses for parents now cover the age range: antenatal course, postnatal course and ‘Understanding your child’ for parents of 9 month olds up to 19 years. Multi User Licenses are now available for a local area, for implementing across a population. They are also available for schools, as an offer to all parents.

Government policy
The Solihull Approach is included in the UK Department of Health’s Healthy Child Programme, in Northern Ireland’s strategy for training health visitors and midwives, in Scotland’s strategy for training health visitors and child practitioners. Download

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