Solihull Approach in Melbourne, Australia

In March, Dr Rebecca Johnson, Solihull Approach Trainer and Clinical Psychologist, went to Melbourne, Australia, to deliver Solihull Approach 2 Day Foundation Training to 24 delegates who were a mixture of Maternal & Child Health Nurses (equivalent to UK Health Visitors), Social Workers, and Psychotherapists. 11 delegates stayed on for a third day of training to learn to become Group Facilitators ready to deliver Solihull Approach Postnatal Plus groups ‘Understanding your baby’, for new parents experiencing difficulties, and the Solihull Approach group for all parents and carers of children & young people aged 0-18 years called ‘Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour’.

The training was really well received, here is a sample of the evaluations from the delegates.

Great to have perspective that’s so subtle, gentle & therapeutic
Another way to enhance relationships
A way of being
It brought home the past 2 years Infant Mental Health training & consolidated it within 2 days!
Gives me a framework – yeah!!
How realisation & acknowledgement of feelings influence behaviour and thus its modification
The importance of parent/child relationship interactions
It is possible to hear my client’s story
This way of thinking really works
Thank you so much it has been awesome

Some of the responses to the question would you recommend this training?
Loved it!!
While there was a lot material covered which was previously known, it was good to have a new language and framework which could be used with every interaction at work and at home
It’s great & hugely relevant
Solid framework for incorporating many useful behavioural and psychodynamic concepts