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We are passionate about preventative mental health and sensitive attuned relationships!

The Solihull Approach is a team of professionals within the National Health Service in the UK. We work with practitioners and parents to develop new resources to support emotional health and well-being in children, families, adults and older adults. We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation.

The sound and well-researched ideas that underpin the Approach are embedded in every aspect of our training for professionals, comprehensive resources, groups for parents and anytime online courses for parents.

“Across the UK and internationally, the Solihull Approach supports mental health and wellbeing in parents, children, schools, older adults and high stress workplaces through an evidence based model in trainings, online courses and resources.

Dr Hazel Douglas MBE originally developed the model whilst working with a team of health visitors, child and adolescent mental health services and families, then moving to include social services and education practitioners and many more. A wonderfully inclusive journey over 25 years.

The Solihull Approach model is now used in most areas of the UK with many projects across the world, applied from midwives, health visitors, family workers, foster carers, social workers and teachers to firefighters and prison officers and in homes, hospitals, clinics, companies, schools and prisons.

“The model is about the fundamentals of life…how we relate to each other, how we process our emotions and how knowing about this makes a difference.

There are many published research studies about the efficacy of the Solihull Approach, including an RCT.

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